Our Thoughts

Our Mission

To listen to people’s voices and create functions.
To become a company that leaves a lasting impression on people’s memories.
To deliver a fulfilling time.


To manufacture products that turn one voice into ten functions

We are not “inventors”.
We are not a company that turns 0 into 1,
but rather a company that turns 1 into 10.
For 45 years since the company was founded,
we have continued to listen to the “voices” of everyone who supports us.

Thinking together.
Agreeing together.
Agonizing together.
Creating together.

Creating something that has never existed before by inspiration is a wonderful thing, but we at Azuma listen to the small voices of everyday life and propose “manufacturing that makes tomorrow a little better than today” to society to create a beautiful future.

Company Overview

Company Name
Azuma Co., Ltd.
Head Office Address
3-2-10 Harayama, Midori-ku, Saitama, 336-0931
Logistics Warehouse
7-19-12 Bijogi, Toda-shi, Saitama 335-0031
167-1 Shimokobashi, Sakai, Sashima-gun, Ibaraki 306-0432
Representative Director
Daisuke Ogawa
11 million yen
Fiscal Year End
April 1978
Number of Employees
Business Activities
Wholesale of domestic home appliances, development of overseas home appliances, import sales
TMI Associates/Attorney: Kozo Abe
Main Financing Banks
Aoki Shinkin Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank, MUFG Bank, Mizuho Bank, Kiraboshi Bank, Gunma Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, Musashino Bank, Joyo Bank, Saitamaken Shinkin Bank


Message from the President

Representative Director

Daisuke Ogawa
小川 大介

Inheritance and growth of thoughts

Although the situation was very different than it was today, I’ve heard that the period when our founder, Yoshinori Hirao, founded Azuma Co., Ltd., was also a very turbulent time. Azuma was born from the idea of providing consumer-friendly products at affordable prices by means of home appliances to solve people’s “small problems” in their daily lives.

The origin of the company name “Azuma” is not so clear now, but when I took over from Mr. Hirao, I decided to reevaluate various things with the employees to breathe new life into the company.
Although the times are different, we are still living in a confusing era with various social issues, just as we did when Mr. Hirao founded the company.
This is why I truly believe that Azuma Co., Ltd. can fully demonstrate its strength of “having feelings and consideration for others”.

I strongly feel that simply “offering inexpensive products” is not enough to meet the expectations and excitement of consumers.

In order to solve the problems of consumers in this new generation, we have begun to reexamine our own work style, attitude, mindset, and workplace environment, and to improve and build an environment that will enable us to become a company that enriches people’s lives.

As part of this effort, we have started a system in which board members from outside the company are invited to participate in product development, and to use the feedback from customers gathered internally to develop our products.

We are fully committed to listening to our customers’ feedback and providing them with the support they need to make sure they are well taken care of even after they make a purchase.

We took the time to formulate the company’s meaning of existence and goals in words that are easy to understand. What is important is not words such as “purpose,” “mission,” “vision,” or “values,” but rather understanding what they mean and how we (as people and as a company) lead our lives as members of society.

The important thing is our thoughts.

It is my hope that Azuma will continue to be a company that empathizes and grows together with the people around it.
We are committed to solving the problems of our users, partners, staff, and ourselves, and hope help as many people lead a “better tomorrow than today” as possible.

Message from a Board Member

Senior Managing Director

Koki Okada
岡田 好喜

Getting close to people, facing people, and cherishing their thoughts

If you are lost and can’t move forward, take action and do it anyway. When we try things and they don’t work out, asking ourselves “why didn’t it work out?” and trying it again and again until it does through a process of trial and error is one of the foundations that Azuma was built upon.
There are times when opinions clash between various departments, but all of our employees are committed to creating good products, responding to customer feedback, and providing a fulfilling experience for our customers.
We believe that the accumulation of everyone’s thoughts will eventually take shape and we will be able to use them to create our products.
Repeating the process of listening to and naturally responding to the voices of our customers and business partners rather than being content with our own self-satisfaction is the path that brings us closer to the essence of what we are striving for at Azuma, and I believe this is connected to Azuma’s basic stance of “what is important is the thoughts”.
45 years have passed since Azuma was founded, but there is still much that has not been done or is not being done. We will not be bound by the concepts of Azuma created by our predecessors, but will instead disassemble and reassemble them, rather than tear them down and rebuild them, in order to achieve further growth in the future.

About our CSR Activities

Azuma Co., Ltd. hopes to make a small contribution to the next generation of children and the community. We provide products to the field of sports and other activities in the hope that people will continue to work toward their dreams and goals. We would be thrilled if Azuma can be involved in helping make those precious moments with family and friends into unforgettable memories. We are also considering offering recycled products from discarded items.